The Firm

Conde-Escalza has its origins in the law firm founded in 1969 by Agustín Escalza Gómez and Eduardo Conde Ximénez de Embún.

Currently, Conde-Escalza has a team of highly qualified lawyers, four of whom are partners.

Conde-Escalza has established permanent collaboration relationships with law firms in the main capitals of Europe and Latin America.

Likewise, it maintains close collaboration relationships with law firms specialized in specific areas of law and with other professionals (auditors, consultants and advisors), which allows it to offer and provide its clients, companies and individuals, with comprehensive advice.

Conde-Escalza provides legal advice in all areas of corporate and business law, and during its more than 50 years of existence, it has advised numerous companies and has provided legal advice in relation to multiple business projects, of very diverse nature.


The main purpose of our advice is to assist our clients in achieving their objectives. We consider that our services have been adequate and satisfactory to the extent that they have allowed or facilitated them to achieve their objectives.

Throughout our trajectory, the principles of professionalism, quality, agility, efficiency, immediacy and honesty characterize our work philosophy and govern and guide our professional activity.


In our relationship with our clients we guarantee a direct and personal treatment and we wish and consider essential to establish a framework of mutual and close collaboration, trust and commitment.

In advising our clients and in the relationship with them, we have a vocation for stability and permanence. We believe that the effectiveness and usefulness of our services is optimized and improved through a stable, lasting and recurrent relationship and assistance. Many of Conde-Escalza’s clients have placed their trust in us for decades.

Comprehensive service and team

For 50 years Conde-Escalza has been providing and offering its clients a global, comprehensive and multidisciplinary advice.

Conde-Escalza’s professionals, each specialized in certain areas of law, actively collaborate with each other and with other professionals in order to provide their clients with rigorous advice. In this sense, for the different matters entrusted to Conde-Escalza, work teams are formed by the lawyer in charge of the matter and by other Conde-Escalza lawyers specialized in the relevant areas of law.

The direction and responsibility for the advice provided by Conde-Escalza in relation to the matters entrusted to it always corresponds to a partner or senior lawyer, who coordinates and supervises the work of the professionals involved in the matter and manages the relationship between the client and Conde-Escalza.


Conde-Escalza, with regard to the international activity of its clients, together with the law firms and professionals with which it collaborates abroad, offers global, integrated and multidisciplinary advice at a local level abroad.

Conde-Escalza has established permanent collaboration relationships with law firms with offices in the main capitals, in Europe and the rest of the world, in order to offer our clients specialized and comprehensive legal advice within the European Union and beyond its borders.


Conde-Escalza is a founding member of the EURAVOCAT network, created in 1987 and present, among other countries, in Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Holland, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Hungary.

In this sense, Conde-Escalza, due to its own capacity and experience and thanks to the relationship it maintains with other professionals and law firms of recognized prestige based abroad, is able to advise its clients in an agile and efficient way in relation to their international projects and activities.